The Bubble Collection Makes its Hamptons Debut at Atelier Alex Vinash

Featured in on August 22, 2023, by Veronica Chumbi

The Bubble Collection, founded by the creative duo of Michael Perris and Gregory Cole, presents an unparalleled range of fragrances that redefines luxury. With decades of experience working with iconic names in fashion, beauty, and luxury goods like Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, and Marc Jacobs, Perris and Cole bring their expertise and artistic vision to each scent in The Bubble Collection.

You can find The Bubble Collection at Alex Vinash’s exclusive Atelier at 25 Hampton Road in Southampton, NY. recently spoke with co-founder Gregory Cole about their inspiration, favorite scents, and beloved spots in the Hamptons.

 Can you take us back to how this fragrance brand started?

GC: My creative partner Michael Perris and I have been developing creative concepts for blockbuster fragrances since the late 90s. Our first major success was the creative concept for Romance by Ralph Lauren. Andrea Robinson, former beauty editor at Vogue and then President of Ralph Lauren Fragrances, approached us with an idea for a new fragrance. The success of that fragrance put us on the map in the beauty world.

We’ve always had a natural knack for creating fragrance concepts because it’s all about storytelling, which is our forte. Michael has a background in video and film production and oversaw all moving images during his time at Polo Ralph Lauren. I come from a theater background.

After helping some of the most prominent creative minds launch their fragrances and achieving much success, we simultaneously came up with the idea that it was time to launch our own fragrance brand. Our creative minds have always been in sync.

The challenge was to develop a concept that was innovative and relevant. We finally found it after a summer vacation in Santorini. Even after unpacking, our linen clothing carried a delightful scent of salty sea air mixed with citrus. We felt transported into a Santorini bubble. That’s how The Bubble Collection was born. The concept of a bubble resonates with everyone – living in a bubble, breaking out of one, or connecting with others’ bubbles. It’s a universally relatable concept. And try saying the word ‘bubble’ without smiling. Give it a shot.

What inspired your scents?

GC: It was essential to us to offer a collection of scents that would give buyers the choice to wear based on their mood – or bubble – for the day. We believe the era of having a ‘signature scent’ is over because just like you don’t wear the same sunglasses, shoes, or scarf daily, why should you wear the same fragrance?

We decided to categorize our six unisex fragrances into two groups, reflecting different moods and scent preferences. The first category is Wander Bubble, which encompasses exotic destinations you’ve been to or dream of visiting. The three Eau de Toilettes in this category are SANTORINI, MARRAKECH, and REYKJAVIK. The second category is Harmony Bubble, focusing on wellness and mindfulness. The three Eau de Toilettes in this category are CELEBRATE, CHILL, and CONNECT.

In collaboration with Master Perfumers at MANE Fine Fragrances, a renowned French fragrance manufacturer, we crafted fragrances that we not only loved but also felt captured the essence of each location or mood that inspired the scent names.

Furthermore, in developing our fragrance collection, it was crucial for them to be gender-neutral, vegan, clean, and certified cruelty-free. Working with MANE was significant because their ingredients are ethically sourced. As proud members of the LGBT community, The Bubble Collection is a certified LGBT Business Enterprise by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

What is your favorite scent from The Bubble Collection? 

GC: That’s a tough one as they’re all like our children. During the summer, I gravitate toward SANTORINI. Its brightness perfectly complements the warmth of the season. In the winter, I tend to wear CONNECT. It gives me the feeling of wearing my coziest cashmere sweater. Michael’s favorite is CHILL as it immediately puts him in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Could you share one of your favorite places in the Hamptons?

GC: My favorite spot would undoubtedly be the beach in East Hampton. I have cherished memories of walks there with my Bernese Mountain Dog, Holly, during the serene early days of COVID when the world seemed to pause. To borrow a phrase from Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”