At The Bubble Collection, we pride ourselves on the meticulous selection of our perfumers who are the brilliant minds behind our extraordinary fine fragrances. We believe that every unisex scent tells a unique story, and that is why we carefully choose perfumers who are not only skilled in their craft but also passionate about creating captivating and unforgettable fragrances. Our perfumers bring years of expertise and creativity to the table, ensuring that each niche scent in The Bubble Collection is a masterpiece crafted with precision and care. Explore our indie fragrance collection and experience the artistry and dedication of our talented perfumers today.

Vince came of age in a chemistry lab, where his first job as a
lab tech ignited his fascination with the magic of perfumery. He sees the craft
as a dynamic balance of art and science—a balance that is always moving,
changing, evolving.

For inspiration, Vince turns to music, from Bach, Mozart and
Beethoven straight through to the Beatles and Pearl Jam. He is apt to describe
his fragrance creations in the language of color, and has an instinctive feel
for the nuances of subtle variation in value and tone.


Vice President/Senior Perfumer at MANE, Vince is a master
of fragrances that are easy to wear and make you feel good. A native New Yorker
and a 40-year industry veteran, Vince is also President of the American Society
of Perfumers.

Gino was studying chemistry, with plans to become a doctor, when he took a job as a lab technician in a fragrance lab. He bonded with a senior perfumer who nurtured Gino’s burgeoning interest in aromachemicals, bringing out his creative talents.

Gino describes his fragrance style as minimalist, with a passion for dramatic contrasts. He sneaks a little of his signature favorite ingredient into almost everything he creates.

A native of New Jersey, Gino has been with MANE since 2015.

Born and raised in France, Claude moved to Grasse as a child.
After the school day ended, he not only worked harvesting roses and jasmine but
practiced making his own blends at home.


Upon completion of his university studies, Claude joined MANE as
a chemist. Trained in MANE’s own School of Perfumery and Flavors, Claude
was instrumental in helping to build MANE’s US perfumery presence.


In 2016, Claude was the recipient of the
American Society of Perfumers Lifetime Achievement Award.