One of the first things you created was a bubble...

  Bubbles have followed us through our lives - enchanting and mesmerizing, connecting us to the sky. Dreaming together.  Bubbles float into our lives at amazing moments: Past...Present...Future.  When you imagine that moment, you chose a bubble to live in.

 We created fragrance bubbles so that you can have fun with fragrance; to spotlight a collection that reflects your moods, lifestyles, and dreams; to innovate scents so light that they just tease the air around you and others; and to float you into slow motion with your first spray.

 Gone are the days when you have one signature scent. We created a collection so you can chose a bubble you want to live in or break out of or connect to.

The Bubble Collection fine fragrances are free of parabens and phthalates, because after all, planet earth is our bubble. Our fragrances are non-toxic and are formulated by the strictest of standards as defined by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

All of our fragrances are produced by Mane, whom we chose to work with exclusively because of the quality of the company’s relationships with its suppliers which helps to sustain its supply chains in the long term. In this way, Mane is committed to building lasting relationships with its suppliers all around the world based on the balancing of their respective interests, trust and reciprocal commitments in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Joining us on our fragrance journey as our advisor is Camille McDonald, fragrance industry-legend and FIFI-Award Winner, whose illustrious career spanned from Ralph Lauren Fragrances to Chanel Beauté to Parfums Givenchy down to Bath and Body Works. As the visionary leader of American Designer Fragrances at LVMH, McDonald launched Michael Kors Fragrances and Marc Jacobs Perfume.

Our fine fragrances are certified vegan by PETA, as well as cruelty-free by PETA and the Leaping Bunny organization. Finally, our company is a certified LGBT Business Enterprise by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Our exquisite glass bottle, evoking a whimsical, floating bubble, is Italian-designed and manufactured in France out of high-quality Italian sand.

Our small-batch, handcrafted niche fragrances are made in the USA and designed by our Master Perfumers in New York and Paris, who were inspired by the creative vision of founders Michael Perris and Gregory Cole.