Unveiling CONNECT, The Intimate Unisex Fragrance by The Bubble Collection

Enter the realm of The Bubble Collection, a luxurious indie fragrance brand that cherishes intimacy, emotional connections, and the evocative power of scent. Today, we embark on an olfactory journey to explore CONNECT, a 50ml unisex Eau de Toilette meticulously crafted to evoke feelings of trust, sensitivity, inclusivity and security. Designed by the esteemed master perfumer Claude Dir, CONNECT embodies a captivating blend of floral, musk, and wood notes that make it a truly unique and evocative fragrance experience. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of this remarkable scent and discover the artistry behind The Bubble Collection's CONNECT.

Gregory Cole and Michael Perris, founders of the luxurious indie fragrance brand The Bubble CollectionAt the helm of The Bubble Collection are the inventive minds of Michael Perris and Gregory Cole. With a wealth of experience in the fragrance industry, including notable contributions to blockbusters such as Romance by Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Michael Kors Signature, and Marc Jacobs Daisy, Perris and Cole are celebrated for their ability to transcend conventional boundaries and create scents that resonate deeply with their audience. Their passion for the art of perfumery and their unwavering commitment to crafting evocative fragrances have established The Bubble Collection as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the world of indie perfumery.

The creation of CONNECT marks a momentous collaboration between The Bubble Collection and the esteemed master perfumer Claude Dir. With a career adorned with accolades and a discerning nose for exquisite scents, Dir has brought his unparalleled expertise to the creation of CONNECT, infusing it with an unparalleled depth and complexity. Perris and Cole's excitement to work with Dir on this project is a testament to the shared vision and commitment to excellence that unites these visionary creators.

Unveiling CONNECT: A Fragrance Experience Beyond Compare

Step into the enchanting world of CONNECT, where every note is a testament to the artistry and passion that has gone into its creation. The top notes of Freesia, Blue Cypress, Apple Wood, and Ambrette Seed lay the foundation for a captivating olfactory journey. These fresh and invigorating notes pave the way for the emergence of the mid notes, including Cotton Wood, Soft Cashmere, Rose de Mai, and Winter White Birch. As the fragrance evolves, the dry down reveals the warmth of Tonka Bean, Skin Musk, Sheer Woods, and Vanilla Absolute, leaving a lingering trail of sensuality and depth.

In addition to its captivating scent profile, CONNECT stands as a testament to The Bubble Collection's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. The fragrance is vegan and has been certified as cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny, reflecting the brand's dedication to creating products that align with values of compassion and responsibility.

CONNECT, the intimate, unisex fragrance by the luxurious indie fragrance brand The Bubble Collection
One of the defining characteristics of CONNECT is its unisex nature. Blurring the lines of traditional gender-based fragrances, CONNECT embraces a universal appeal that transcends societal norms. Its ability to resonate with individuals of any gender reflects The Bubble Collection's dedication to inclusivity and the celebration of individuality.

The Embrace of Comfort

Wearing CONNECT is akin to enveloping yourself in the luxurious comfort of your favorite cashmere sweater. Just as the soft fibers of cashmere wrap you in warmth and elegance, the captivating blend of notes in CONNECT embraces you with a sense of familiarity and intimacy. The fragrance unfolds like a cherished embrace, evoking emotions of comfort and tranquility, much like slipping into the soothing embrace of your go-to cashmere garment.

CONNECT unisex fragrance by the luxurious indie fragrance brand The Bubble Colleciton. Designed by Master Perfumer Claude Dir

Ultimately, CONNECT stands as a beacon of inclusive love—a fragrance that speaks to the shared experiences and emotions that bind us together as human beings. It serves as a reminder that love, empathy, and understanding are universal emotions that transcend individual differences. In a world where diversity is celebrated and inclusivity is paramount, CONNECT embodies the spirit of connection, empathy, and inclusivity. It is a reminder of the profound impact that scent can have on our experiences and interactions, serving as a conduit for intimacy and empathy.