Meet a BUBBLER - Max Rayner

Introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Max Rayner. I am 28 years-old from London, England, and owner of Stuart Clinton Property Limited, an ethical property investment company helping the most vulnerable members of society. I’m also a wannabe pro golfer & keen skier. I currently have 25 different fragrances that I use for all different situations. They make me feel complete and I am truly naked and less confident when I forget to wear one!

 What is your earliest scent memory?  

My earliest scent memory is probably when I used to collect Pokémon cards as a kid. I used to love the fresh smell of printed cards and always took a whiff when I opened the packet! Sound’s weird I know but it used to give me so much joy!  

What is your favorite scent memory?

My favourite scent memory was when I was a teenager and used to regularly hit the nightclub scene. I started buying Chanel Bleu before it really took off. I was young, single and ready to party. It was the final stage in my routine before heading out, 3 to 4 sprays completed the look and gave me to confidence I needed to hit the bars!

Are you "living in a bubble" or "breaking out of a bubble," and why?

I would say that I am breaking out of a bubble. Ever since I was a child I used to do the opposite of what I was told - it’s more exciting to break rules, right? I have never been a follower of crowds and if a group wanted to do something I didn’t, I was happy to break out and explore on my own. If you read about the most successful people on earth, one thing they have in common is that they have never been afraid to step into unchartered territory on their own. I find comfort being uncomfortable.

What is your happiest accomplishment?  

It certainly has to be opening two care homes for young people suffering with mental health issues earlier this year. Owning a small business is hard, you have no idea. It’s like running up a mountain with a million boulders heading your way. You have to duck, dive, weave and dodge, but if by some miracle you get to the top, it is the most beautiful view on earth. That’s exactly what I had to do with the care homes but I am now proud to say that I am the recipient of the "Young Property Investor of the Year 2021" Award in the UK. But, more importantly than that, I am housing some of the UK’s most vulnerable people and the journey has made me grow more than ever before!

Which is your favorite Bubble Collection fragrance?  

Santorini Wander Bubble by a country mile! I have the whole Bubble Collection but Santorini - WOW! I haven’t worn anything like it. I am picky when it comes to fragrances and often don’t buy the same one twice but Santorini has become part of my base collection! Considering the competitiveness in the market it now proudly sits on my shelf next to Tom Ford and Acqua di Parma.

What does it evoke in you?

Santorini Wander Bubble makes me feel sexy, charming and playful. It is the perfect scent for when I need to put on a show. Be it charming a client, walking into a bar with an entrance or taking my girlfriend for a romantic dinner.  

Thank You Max! Let There Be Bubbles!