December 7, 2021

NYC - Following a triumphant crowdfunding launch on Indiegogo, the niche fragrance brand The Bubble Collection has opened its E-Shop in time for the holiday season.

 “The reason why we were so successful on Indiegogo was because there is a market out there craving our light and genderless scents,” said CEO and Co-Founder Gregory Cole. “Gone are the days of heavy perfumes and colognes that invade the space of those around you.”

Already being courted by retailers, The Bubble Collection is sticking to its plan to launch as a direct-to-consumer fragrance brand. “By selling directly to our customers, we are able to bring expensive fragrances to them at an affordable price,” declared Board member and FIFI-Award Winner Camille McDonald.

As potential customers cannot sample the scents at brick-and-mortar shops, The Bubble Collection has made available for purchase a Discovery Set of all six Eau de Toilettes in 2ml vials so customers can familiarize themselves with the brand. This $30 set comes with an iridescent, reusable bubble pouch as well as a 20% discount that can be used towards purchasing a full-size 50ml spray bottle.

“One of our Indiegogo backers called The Bubble Collection an instant classic, which is what we were aiming for,” remarked Gregory Cole. “Our packaging was inspired by the classic simplicity of history’s most popular fragrances, and the colors we chose to differentiate our fragrances were selected to evoke a warm, comforting sensation or a wonderful memory of your favorite holiday destination.”

The classic simplicity of the Italian-designed, French-produced bottle was created to reflect the notion that the fragrances are like a bubble, which is genderless, ageless and boundless. “Bubbles have alway been a delightful part of our lives … blowing bubbles, celebrating with  bubbly, relaxing in a bubble bath,” said Michael Perris, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer.  We love bubbles, yet they are often overlooked. Like bubbles rising, we decided to elevate the bubble for the first time as an aspirational lifestyle fragrance brand.”

What’s in store for 2022 for this exciting niche fragrance brand? 

“Thanks to the success of Indiegogo, we are now working on future innovations, like candles and  body creams, as well as partnerships with famous artists and a new luxury hotel,” said Michael Perris.