Meet a BUBBLER - Samarah Conley

Introduce yourself.

Hello! My name is Samarah Conley and I am a 13 year old actress and singer/songwriter. I live in New York with my mom and dad and three small dogs. I began taking figure skating lessons just over a year ago and absolutely love it.

What is your earliest scent memory?

My earliest memory is my mom's perfume. She always smelled so good when her and my dad went out on their date nights.

What is your favorite scent memory?

My favorite scent memory is the smell of warm, vanilla sugar candles filling our house throughout the holiday season.

Are you "living in a bubble" or "breaking out of a bubble," and why?

I am, without a doubt, breaking out of a bubble and in search of my true happiness.

What is your happiest accomplishment?

My happiest accomplishment is when I won best leading actress in a short film for "A" My Name Is at the Nice International Film Festival in 2019.

Which is your favorite Bubble Collection fragrance?

My favorite Bubble Collection fragrance is Connect Harmony Bubble.

What does it evoke in you?

Connect evokes happiness in me which is perfect for me "breaking out of a bubble!"

Thank You Samarah! Let There Be Bubbles!