Why Genderless?

When we set forth on this journey creating The Bubble Collection, we chatted with fragrance lovers near and far and were wonderfully-surprised how many of them rebelled against the Western construct of dividing scents into men’s and women’s categories. We spoke with men who enjoyed sweet florals and women that were obsessed with woody musks. That is when we decided that the fragrance industry needed to be de-gendered.

Let’s state the obvious, notes like vanilla or musk or citrus or oud have no gender. There is a simplicity and ease in organizing fragrances by men’s and women’s because it aligns with how people think of clothes and this gendered-marketing has been the model followed by department stores in the West since the late 1800s. Before that, the same scents in the West were worn by men and women, mostly to cover body odor but also to show social rank. And in the Middle East, where fragrances were originated, the concept of dividing scents into men’s and women’s categories never transpired.

Even after the groundbreaking launch of CK One by Calvin Klein in the 1990s, the fragrance industry still continued to tell consumers that women’s fragrances were feminine, floral, fruity in pink and curvy bottles, while men’s fragrances were musky, spicy, woody in dark bottles with alpha-male names.

We at The Bubble Collection say it’s time to #breakoutofyourubble and get out of your comfort zone and be experimental and brave. The purpose of fragrance is self-expression, not to be confined to the marketing trends of the past.

We recognize that your style can be fluid and flexible, so what better way than to chose one of our scents to accompany your mood.

And to help you choose that bubble you’re living in, we have created our Discovery Set of all six of our genderless Eau de Toilettes. Our set, which comes with an iridescent, reusable, bubble pouch, allows you to interact and experience the complete range of fragrance categories without being restricted to the antiquated categories of yesteryear. And the colors of our fragrances were chosen to highlight the uniqueness of each scent and evoke a memory or a location as opposed to forcing each scent into a gender category.

Have fun with our scents, and remember no scent smells the same on different people. Our unique body chemistry affects how we wear fragrances. And don’t get hung up on having a “favorite" or “signature” scent. The beauty of The Bubble Collection, like your clothing wardrobe, is to have a choice of scents to be a part of your self-expression. So whether you are living in a bubble or breaking out of a bubble or connecting with other people’s bubbles, The Bubble Collection has the scent for you.