Reykjavik - The Colorful Treasure Behind Our Fragrance

Iceland’s spectacular landscape is grabbing the attention of eco-travelers and luxury thrill-seekers from across the globe. Reykjavik, the famed city that claims the distinction of being the world’s northernmost capital, is the chic gateway to the wilderness adventures beyond.

From Northern Lights to the Midnight Sun, it's easy to see why Reykjavik has become one of the top travel destinations in the world, including being home to Edition's latest luxury hotel The Reykjavik. It is also the reason why this charming city inspired our eau de toilette Reykjavik Wander Bubble - a beautiful floral/musk/moss which invigorates with a deep breath of crisp, clean frosted air spiked with wild aromatics and foraged fruits. Velvety frozen moss, cold mineral stone and brisk woods complete a sensation of rugged, invigorating outdoor freshness. This is a fragrance for finding your center, for clearing your head while challenging your body. 


TOP  Juniper, Angelica Seed, Frosted Crowberries 
MID  Iris Absolute, Jasmine Petals, Ambrette Seed 
DRY  Fresh Musk, Frozen Moss, Amber Woods 


Explore The Treasures of Iceland

Looking for an unforgettable experience? These colorful treasures are a must-see!


The Northern Lights

Photo credit:  Mike Swigunski

The Northern Lights is a wonderful experience that everyone should witness at least once. When the aurora is active, it lights up the dark sky with hues of green, yellow, violet, and pinks while making cosmic swirls. Visitors are always stunned by this magical natural treasure. If you are planning to visit Iceland in the wintertime, don’t forget to visit the Northern Lights. 


The Midnight Sun

Photo credit: Neil Mark Thomas


The event of the Midnight Sun occurs around the polar circles every summer. The whole country experiences marvelous sunsets and sunrises - where golden and pink hues paint the skies that last all night long. 

For visitors, watching this amazing treasure is a heavenly experience. Go for a late-night walk to witness the sun and take magical photos of the landscape by the Grotta Lighthouse in Reykjavík. 


The Blue Lagoon

Photo Credit: Frank Denney

Iceland has countless exotic hot springs and man-made geothermal pools. The Blue Lagoon is the world famous hot springs that offers breathtaking views and located only 50 minutes from Reykjavik - an incredible location. 

It’s a warm, milky-white spring situated in the center of a robust lava field. Its combination of freshwater and seawater, rich in silica and minerals that are good for the skin, have helped some people with skin ailments such as psoriasis. 


Break Out Of Your Bubble!

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