Meet a BUBBLER - Roxanne Hancock

Introduce yourself.

Hello! I am Roxanne Hancock.  I am a native New Yorker of Guyanese parentage, a commercial model and actress with a professional pedigree in the boutique and luxury hotel industry. I have lived in Paris, Milan, Madrid and Helsinki. Living abroad and being in professions that have afforded lots of travel, has exposed me to different cultures and enriched me in so many ways. Both my palate and olfactory sense are quite decidedly global. I believe that is what has attracted me so much to The Bubble Collection

 What is your earliest scent memory?  

My earliest scent memories seem to involve lots of tobacco.  My parents weren't smokers but I had a neighbor, Anne, who smoked cigarettes that somehow had a very welcoming scent in her home. Another family friend used to smoke clove cigarettes which were a la mode at the time and my family doctor used to smoke a pipe.  I found all these scents earthy and comforting.  

What is your favorite scent memory?

My favorite scent memory is of my mother's freshly baked bread.  She would braid the loaves and sometimes allow me to play with a piece of dough that I would kneed into oblivion.

Are you "living in a bubble" or "breaking out of a bubble," and why?

As an extroverted introvert, I live a dual life.  Ideally, I like to spend quality time at home; I didn't find the pandemic difficult to weather socially.  I enjoy cooking, lighting a scented candle to create the mood for reading or meditation.  So in this way, I am "living in a bubble."  On the other hand, I am "breaking out of the bubble" of expectation of what it is to be a woman of my age. How do I feel, live and move in this world now?  Instead of retreating, I am more visible than ever before. Important messages for me at this stage of my life are being pro-age, eco-conscious and a conscious consumer. So, I don't need to choose one way or another.  I am both, authentically.  

What is your happiest accomplishment?  

Becoming fluent in both French and Italian.  Learning languages is a grand exercise in humility when one learns as an adult. One must become comfortable with making errors and continuing on even if being mocked.   The victory is when one is able to connect with people that they couldn't have before.  Generally, people are pleased with the effort to converse, even if done poorly.   To be able to make jokes in a foreign language, to argue and eventually to dream are markers of mastery.  The ability to connect in another's mother tongue creates a familiarity and a sense of belonging which I greatly appreciate.

Which is your favorite fragrance by The Bubble Collection?  

Marrakech Wander Bubble. It was the first scent that I experienced and I kept on returning to it. I tend to gravitate to scents with bergamot and wood notes and this fragrance profile really delivers.  I also like the spicy top note of pink pepper; It's bold! 

What does it evoke in you?

It feels rich, mysterious, spicy, adventurous and someone I would like to date...or become.

Thank You Roxanne! Let There Be Bubbles!