Santorini - So Memorable It Inspired A Fragrance

Santorini has become a sought-after destination with incredible sunsets, pearly white buildings graced with bougainvillea, blue-domed churches, scenic windmills and infinity pools that are the envy of the world. This Aegean paradise grabs the attention of newlyweds and lovebirds worldwide, excited to witness its famed Oia sunsets, swim in its hot springs, and indulge in its world-class resorts - including our fave Perivolas Hotel and Greece's first Nobu Hotel opening Spring 2022.

Valentine's Day is around the corner, so if you're planning to surprise your special one with the gift of travel, Santorini is the best place! But what if you don't have enough budget for this holiday or are held back by the pandemic? Santorini Wander Bubble is a perfect substitute! Dazzled by juicy mandarin and sun-drenched bergamot, with touches of sea moss and vetiver that evoke the rocky coastline, and musk and warm amber to excite the senses, this genderless fine fragrance has a fascinating, uplifting effect that will transport you and your lover back to that magical isle.


                                                                                                                                      Photo: Ryan Christodoulou





The towns in Santorini are a scene to witness as they spill over the land. Their quaint, white-washed houses, domed-shaped architecture, and colorful displays show themselves as a uniquely attractive location - as they cling to the reminders of the caldera. Taking a cruise around the island will give you a fascinating perspective of this unique, one-of-a-kind setting and memories to last a lifetime.


Nestled in an island archipelago in the southern Aegean, the island is filled with traditional Cycladic architecture. Travelers visiting Santorini enjoy meandering around the island's charming, winding side streets. Staircases can be a marvelous adventure due to their elegant structures. In addition, the locals maintain the island's reputation as an international tourism hotspot with authentic charm and warm Grecian hospitality. It makes visiting every part of the island truly a delight.


There are a lot of beaches to enjoy in Santorini for all types of tourists, from well-organized and serviced spots, complete with lounge chairs and activities; to more secluded ones that will let you reunite with nature at its purest. The cliffs that loom around some of the beaches and the nature of the volcanic sand itself make a surreal setting for swimming and sunning.


Santorini has rapidly grown into a culinary destination. The island features everything from world-class cuisine in its fine restaurants to traditional platters enjoyed at seaside lounges. We highly recommend Red Bicycle, probably the best lamb dish we ever imbibed in. There are the trendy gyro-joints and delicious seafood that complete the food scene. The picturesque town of Oia has many romantic spots where you can dine while the moon shines brightly over the sea below. For seafood in a quintessential Greek setting, take a taxi down to Ammoudi Bay, framed between volcanic red rocks and the Aegean sea.


Known for its wine-making tradition since ancient times, Santorini is one of the world's oldest, frequently-cultivated wine-producing districts. Today, there are multiple wineries on the island, boasting unique flavors and quality thanks to the island's volcanic soil. Assyrtiko is the island's flagship grape. It's a high acid grape full of citrus and mineral nuances. It can be enjoyed on its own or perfect with grilled fish enjoyed in a seaside taverna or in Oia's famed Kyprida restaurant, where you can enjoy live, traditional music with your tasty meal.


TOP  Blue Sea, Blue Sky, Bergamot, Mandarin, Pink Pepper
MID  Pear, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Bigaflower, Orange Blossom
DRY Musk, Vetiver, Sea Moss, Warm Amber



Santorini continues to be one of the world's top destinations for honeymooners and lovers. And the perfect gift this Valentine's Day, to transport you and your loved one into a romantic bubble, is our Santorini Wander Bubble! Break out of your bubble and take a fragrance journey today with The Bubble Collection - Genderless...Ageless...Boundless.