The Bubble Collection sponsors Style Philosophers

The Bubble Collection is the proud sponsor of a podcast called STYLE PHILOSOPHERS . 
Episode 7 of STYLE PHILOSOPHERS is a special edition devoted to "The Style Of A Startup”. STYLE PHILOSOPHERS Host Michael Perris and his special guest co-host Gregory Cole are co-founders of “The Bubble Collection.” They have brought together a roundtable of six fragrance executives and perfumers from MANE Flavors and Fragrances in New York City, featuring:
Denise McEvoy, Category Director Fine Fragrance
Miranda Gordon, VP Marketing Fine Fragrance
Birgit Benayoun, Creative Studio Head/VP Fine Fragrance
Bibi Preval, Fragrance Evaluator
Vincent Kuczinski, Senior Perfumer
Gino Percontino, Perfumer
Their discussion gives a behind-the-scenes look at the philosophy of the Bubble Collection brand and how it has come to life through artistic and business expertise. The lively and fascinating conversation explains how the concept of The Bubble Collection has evolved while developing a fragrance brand that is Genderless, Ageless and Boundless. This collaboration with Mane, the 150 year-old family-owned global fragrance and flavors industry giant, is truly a “startup friendly” partnership. LET THERE BE BUBBLES!
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